India Uprising!! Second most populous country in the world is working on pushing the boundaries to enter into the world arena of sports. Sports, do we know that there are 800+ sports being played all around the world!

Recent performances in the world sports arena, Indian athletes have stretched their limitless boundaries to stake claim of their presence.

Cricket in India is like a religion in India, but Gold in Team Sports of Olympics came from Hockey. Hockey may still not be the National Game of India, but still it made even Hitler to bow down to the magician, Major Dhyan Chand.

Here, “खेल खेल में” at The Khel Times, we, two brothers, from the by-lanes of a small town, not even sure if we can be a part of any sport team even in extras, but sports’ enthusiasts to the core; want to bring a platform to share updates of some popular sports and some non-popular sports, based on the common knowledge of uncommon people.

We will try to bring on the updates of uncommon sports of India for the common man, so that we also start recognizing achievers from sports other than cricket.

We may be bit rustic initially, but bear with us; we will try to take it to the next level over a course of time.

Till than keep googling for thekheltimes.com.

Suggestions are always welcome.

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