The World Rally Championship 2022 is one of the most awaited events of the year. Upgrading the cars with a new hybrid unit and with some technical modifications this year’s outcomes are unpredictable. The 2021 season winners S. Ogier and Julian Ingrassia dominated the season, while Elfyn Evans and Scott Martin gave them a challenging battle it was a pure adrenaline rush for the spectators.

2022 Season of the World Rally Championship

Sebastien Ogier says it will be a “pleasure” to have one more battle with long-time World Rally Championship rival Sebastien Loeb at this weekend’s Monte Carlo Rally.

Two undefeated champions are set to battle for the first time since 2020 at the world rally championship. Recently delegated eight-time champion Ogier is set to challenge the occasion as a feature of a fractional mission for Toyota, following a choice to downsize his WRC responsibilities this year. He’ll go head to head against nine-time champion Loeb, who hasn’t challenged a WRC occasion since his last low maintenance program with Hyundai in 2020, the 47-year-old concurring an arrangement to steer a fourth M-Sport Ford Puma in Monte Carlo for what is presently a one-off event.

Toyota’s Sebastien Ogier started the new Rally1 time at the World Rally Championship by battling old adversary Sebastien Loeb in shakedown for the Monte Carlo Rally.

Recently delegated eight-time champion Ogier, collaborated with new co-driver Benjamin Veillas following the retirement of his long-lasting accomplice Julien Ingrassia, timed the quickest time after the four runs by logging 1 minute 50.4 seconds on his third and last run. Nine-time world champion Loeb, also working with another co-driver in Isabelle Galmiche after parting with Daniel Elena in 2021, at first set the rhythm with 1 minute53.9 second first-run onboard the new Ford Puma.

S.Leob then lowered the time 0.6 seconds from S.Ogier. Last year’s title runner-up Elfyn Evans put his GR Yaris in third, a second short of colleague Ogier, while Thierry Neuville was the swiftest of the Hyundai triplet in fourth. Hyundai having mechanical issues with the 2019 champion Ott Tanak’s i20 N could not use the extra boost from the hybrid unit.

Sebastien Ogier won the two opening stages of the Monte Carlo rally leading the nine-time champion Sebastien Loeb.

Ogier, who dominated the Monte Carlo circuit and won eight times is leading over the seven times winner Leob by 6.7 seconds. Elfyn Evans lies third in the subsequent Toyota, 11.2s short of the lead. While Loeb drove M-Sport’s assault, the British crew conveyed a solid beginning to the year with Adrien Fourmaux forth in front of his colleague Gus Greensmith.

Craig Breen got back to support the park in seventh, simply behind Hyundai’s Thierry Neuville, who headed a disillusioning beginning for the South Korean marque. Neuville was the fastest Hyundai in seventh as the group’s i20 Ns battled to match the best from Toyota and M-Sport.

“I couldn’t go fast and I lost the brakes and the tires quite early in the stage,” said Neuville, who lost 15.9s to Ogier. “It’s all a bit of a gamble because we only have 20 soft tires for the weekend. We knew that today we would have to compromise, so hopefully, it works o

Neuville’s partner Oliver Solberg fared surprisingly more terrible as he couldn’t hear his co-driver Elliott Edmondson, finishing the stage eighth in front of Hyundai’s Ott Tanak.

 Oliver’s opinion: “It’s very annoying, I couldn’t hear [Edmondson] in many places – I had to brake and go again, so I lost the rhythm.”

Neuville provided a much stronger battle, but again was unable to match the outright pace and terminated up 12.6 seconds behind with gearbox oil trailing from his i20 N.

Neuville’s opinion: “The brakes were a little bit better, It’s a bit bumpier and I had no trust in the car, so I had to keep it neat and tidy.”

 Rovanpera’s opinion: “I think the balance of the car is tricky for me to drive. I tried to do my best to adapt for it, but if the balance is a bit more to the understeering inside then it’s quite difficult for me.”

Sebastien Loeb continues to lead the Monte Carlo rally with Sebastien Ogier battling to get on top

The nine-time world rally championship champion prevailed all the four stages of say six and leads the rally with 9.9 seconds and S.Ogier 6.7 seconds behind the leader. Elfyn Evans dropped huge time on the last phase of the day to space once again into third and now 22 seconds behind the leader. 

Ogier began the evening 15.9s behind pioneer Loeb however a fightback on the last two phases of the day, remembering a success for stage 8 reignited his charge.

Loeb and co-driver Isabelle Galmiche might have added to their stage wins in the new M-Sport Ford Puma, however, a hybrid power issue cost them important time in stage 7.

That stage anyway had a place with M-Sport colleague Gus Greensmith, who figured out how to obscure Loeb and Ogier to record a first professional WRC stage win, assisting the Briton with solidifying seventh in the general category.

Thierry Neuville headed Hyundai’s charge in fourth, 47.8s past due as the Korean marque gained ground in adjusting his i20 N as the day advanced.

There was some satisfaction for colleague Ott Tanak, who figured out how to jump M-Sport’s Craig Breen into 6th on the last phase of the day 

Loeb proceeded from where he left off toward the beginning of the day, raging to a fourth sequential stage win.

The final stage of the day was run in cooler and more slippery conditions compared to the previous two stages.

Sebastien Ogier finally managed to steer past his rival Sebastien Loeb while displaying a magnificent battle

Staring the day with over 9.9 seconds behind Sebastien Leob, Ogier managed to get over21.1 seconds lead by the end of the day.

Ogier moved once again into the lead in the wake of winning two of the three-morning stages before a staggering drive on the day’s last test, in snow, ice, and dry conditions shot the eight-time champion into a sound lead.

M-Sport’s Craig Breen finished the day in the third position, 1 minute 26.0 seconds behind, having profited from a show-filled day for Elfyn Evans, Thierry Neuville, and Ott Tanak. An error-free drive permitted the Irishman to pull his Ford Puma into a podium finish having begun Saturday in sixth.

Hyundai’s Neuville slid down the leaderboard from fourth to 6th after a front right damper issue he was conveying from the morning circle declined, compelling the Belgian and co-driver Martijn Wydaeghe to make a road-side service.

Tanak resigned from the day experiencing two punctures and an accident toward the beginning of the day. The Estonian might have had the option to proceed however was carrying just one extra tire. He could anyway get back to the action on Sunday to vie for Power Stage focuses.

Evans stays in the rally yet outside the best 10 after his expectations of a podium vanished after a mix-up on the morning’s last stage when he cropped a bank. The Welshman’s vehicle was recovered after getting stranded on a slope.

Toyota’s Kalle Rovanpera will head into Sunday in the fourth position, 2 2 minutes 03.8 seconds back, because of a mix of crude speed that saw the Finn win b both evening stages. M-Sport’s Gus Greensmith finished the best five after arriving at the day’s end with his failing Puma.

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The 48-year-old returning champion Sebastien Leob took an astonishing victory in the Monte Carlo rally.

Sebastien Ogier, who started the day with a decent lead of 21 seconds ahead of Sebastien Loeb met with a deep puncture in his Toyota Yaris. This forced Ogier for roadside service and at the beginning of the power stage, Sebastien Loeb was already ahead of him by 10 seconds in the final results. unfortunately, Sebastien Ogier was also given a ten seconds penalty for a jump start.

Really happy for sure. I didn’t know what to expect. I had a good feeling since the first test and this give me some assurance. But then to know which level will I be? I don’t know. The level in World Rally Championship is sometimes really, really high but we decide to come here and the result is impressive. It’s more than we expected, but the team, and with Isabelle [Galmiche] – everything has been amazing with our first rally together. It’s great.” said Leob.

Craig Breen completed practically 90sec further back in third in another Puma, giving the British-based M-Sport Ford crew an early lead in the makers’ title.

Kalle Rovanperä contemplated external the main 10 after the premiere night, however after set-up changes worked on the offset of his GR Yaris, he took off up the request to get fourth.

Nonetheless, of losing time with motor issues on Saturday, Gus Greensmith asserted fifth in one more Puma in the wake of winning his first unique stage at the WRC level. Thierry Neuville was 6th in a Hyundai i20 N following a dull end of the week for the Korean maker.

The Belgian battled issues all rally, including a wrecked damper that perforated through his hood on Saturday. Partners Ott Tänak and Oliver Solberg both resigned.

Elfyn Evans, the title sprinter up in 2021 in the World Rally Championship, was on the edge of the battle for accomplishment until he stranded his GR Yaris on a bank and stayed jilted there for 20 minutes. The Welshman finished 21st.


1#19S. LOEBI. GALMICHEPuma Rally1M3:00:32.83:00:32.8
2#1S. OGIERB. VEILLASGR Yaris Rally1M3:00:43.33:00:43.3+10.5+10.5
3#42C. BREENP. NAGLE Puma Rally1M3:02:12.63:02:12.6+1:29.3+1:39.8
4#69K.ROVANPERÄJ. HALTTUNENGR Yaris Rally1M3:02:49.03:02:49.0+36.4+2:16.2
5#44G. GREENSMITHJ. ANDERSSONPuma Rally1None3:04:06.23:00.03:07:06.2+4:17.2+6:33.4
6#11T. NEUVILLEM. WYDAEGHEi20 N Rally1M3:08:05.410.03:08:15.4+1:09.2+7:42.6
7#20AMIKKELSENT. ERIKSENFabia EvoWRC2TDC3:12:06.63:12:06.6+3:51.2+11:33.8
8#18T. KATSUTAA. JOHNSTONGR Yaris Rally1MT3:12:57.53:12:57.5+50.9+12:24.7
9#27E. CAISP. TESÍNSKÝFiesta MkIIWRC2TDJC3:12:52.010.03:13:02.0+4.5+12:29.2
10#22GRYAZINK. ALEKSANDROVFabia EvoWRC2DJC3:14:14.13:14:14.1+1:12.1+13:41.3
11#26S. JOHNSTONA. KIHURANIC3WRC2TDC3:15:15.33:15:15.3+1:01.2+14:42.5
12#28G. MUNSTERL. LOUKAi20 NWRC2DJCJ3:15:20.83:15:20.8+5.5+14:48.0
13#23Y. ROSSELB. BOULLOUDC3WRC2DC3:15:34.93:15:34.9+14.1+15:02.1
14#25C. INGRAMR. WHITTOCKFabia EvoWRC2DJC3:14:13.21:40.03:15:53.2+18.3+15:20.4
15#48R. ASTIERF. VAUCLAREA110RGT3:19:26.83:19:26.8+3:33.6+18:54.0
16#58M. GAMBAN. GONELLAFabia EvoNone3:20:29.83:20:29.8+1:03.0+19:57.0
17#34M. MIELEL. BELTRAMEFabiaWRC2DMC3:21:05.33:21:05.3+35.5+20:32.5
18#46M. GUIGOUK. BRONNERA110RGT3:21:34.73:21:34.7+29.4+21:01.9
19#62A. GINOD. MICHING i20None3:23:13.53:23:13.5+1:38.8+22:40.7
20#31O. BURRIA. LEVRATTIPolo GTIWRC2DMC3:23:25.83:23:25.8+12.3+22:53.0
21#33E. EVANSMARTINGR Yaris Rally1M3:23:43.33:23:43.3+17.5+23:10.5
22#41S. PAJARI. MÄLKÖNENFiesta Rally3WRC33:24:39.23:24:39.2+55.9+24:06.4
23#45J. ČERNÝP. ČERNOHORSKÝFiesta Rally3WRC33:24:46.83:24:46.8+7.6+24:14.0
24#30F. LOIXP. TSJOENFabia EvoWRC2DMC3:25:05.13:25:05.1+18.3+24:32.3
25#47F. DELECOURJ. GUIGONNETA110RGT3:25:28.23:25:28.2+23.1+24:55.4
26#29J. KEFERBÖCKI. MINORFabia EvoWRC2DC3:26:00.83:26:00.8+32.6+25:28.0
27#79A. FOTIAA. DUNANDClio Rally4None3:28:39.13:28:39.1+2:38.3+28:06.3
28#74M. GRIEBELA. RATHCorsa Rally4None3:29:34.33:29:34.3+55.2+29:01.5
29#56F. CASCIANIV. DELAPLANCHEFabia EvoNone3:29:42.63:29:42.6+8.3+29:09.8
30#37J. RAOUXL. MAGATPolo GTIWRC2DMCM3:30:41.73:30:41.7+59.1+30:08.9
31#35E. BOLANDM.FiestaWRC2DMCM3:31:59.63:31:59.6+1:17.9+31:26.8
32#75R. DAPRÀL. GUGLIELMETTIFiestaNone3:34:07.23:34:07.2+2:07.6+33:34.4
33#55P. BAFFOUNC. QUARTINIPolo GTINone3:34:04.71:50.03:35:54.7+1:47.5+35:21.9
34#70S. ALTHAUSL. ZBINDENClio Rally4None3:38:10.93:38:10.9+2:16.2+37:38.1
35#60L. PISTACHIL. AUTHIERFabiaNone3:38:14.33:38:14.3+3.4+37:41.5
36#53C. CASANOVAD. CORVIA110RGT3:38:45.33:38:45.3+31.0+38:12.5
37#40F. ARENGIM. BOSIFabia EvoWRC2DMC3:40:32.33:40:32.3+1:47.0+39:59.5
38#36F. ROSATIP. MARCHETTOi20 NWRC2DMCM3:36:57.44:10.03:41:07.4+35.1+40:34.6
39#76S. JUIFM. BIEGALKEClio Rally4None3:43:43.63:43:43.6+2:36.2+43:10.8
40#43E. BRAZZOLIM. FENOLIFiesta Rally3WRC33:43:55.23:43:55.2+11.6+43:22.4
41#80G. ROSSIM. MARTINIClio RS LineNone3:44:56.73:44:56.7+1:01.5+44:23.9
42#85E. VALLÍNB. ODRIOZOLAClio RS LineNone3:46:15.03:46:15.0+1:18.3+45:42.2
43#77P. TANCIS. MALETClio Rally4None3:48:59.83:48:59.8+2:44.8+48:27.0
44#87E. ROYEREG. DINIClio RS LineNone3:49:32.73:49:32.7+32.9+48:59.9
45#49M. RADAJ. JUGAS124 RallyRGT3:53:55.73:53:55.7+4:23.0+53:22.9
46#63J. AYMARDS. AYMARD UIXClio RSNone3:54:13.13:54:13.1+17.4+53:40.3
47#52R. GOBBINF.RIMALDI124 RallyRGT3:54:52.53:54:52.5+39.4+54:19.7
48#71J. GUILLONG. FERRARI208None3:55:40.73:55:40.7+48.2+55:07.9
49#82G. MICHELLIERC. RICHARDClio RS LineNone4:05:34.74:05:34.7+9:54.0+1:05:01.9
50#81L. VIALLEM. GHIRARDELLOClio RS LineNone4:06:03.74:06:03.7+29.0+1:05:30.9
51#67N. D’ULIVOA. PAOLINI FiestaNone4:09:12.14:09:12.1+3:08.4+1:08:39.3
52#57E. CHENTREM. BAYFabia EvoNone3:40:02.430:00.04:10:02.4+50.3+1:09:29.6
53#83. MAGNAN BAYLEK. MARCHETTIClio RS LineNone4:10:09.54:10:09.5+7.1+1:09:36.7
54#32P. RAGUESJ. PESENTIPolo GTIWRC2TDC3:40:49.230:00.04:10:49.2+39.7+1:10:16.4
55#73. PALMEROM. PASTORINO208 Rally 4None4:12:08.94:12:08.9+1:19.7+1:11:36.1
56#39. COVIM. LORIGIOLAFabiaWRC2DMCM4:13:32.21:20.04:14:52.2+2:43.3+1:14:19.4
57#50I. CRERARE. RACETTEA110RGT4:23:06.710.04:23:16.7+8:24.5+1:22:43.9
58#72M. DESSIP. DESSI208None4:26:24.84:26:24.8+3:08.1+1:25:52.0
59#59P. PERGOLAF. CORONAFabiaNone3:57:39.930:00.04:27:39.9+1:15.1+1:27:07.1
60#68J. BAILEYS. PETERSON208 Rally4None4:36:29.94:36:29.9+8:50.0+1:35:57.1
61#66L. GOUJONC. LAPERRIERE208None4:39:58.04:39:58.0+3:28.1+1:39:25.2
62#86J. MORELM. TOTIDS3None4:23:47.233:20.04:57:07.2+17:09.2+1:56:34.4

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