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Huge Dominance.

To put in perspective, she lifts 12 kgs more in Snatch and 17 kgs more in Clean & Jerk from the 2nd best. In total 201 kgs against the 202 kgs lifted in 2021 Olympics.

But, she could not lift it. NO issue. She is anyways a winner.

Now, she is going for 115 kgs, the one she lifted in 2020 Olympics.

Going for 113 kgs now. And she lifts it too. She is doing it in style and with so much ease , (it seems).

Even 84 kgs lift will be sufficient. She is going for 109 kgs. She got it. First Gold for India in 2022 Commonwealth.

Mirabai Chanu getting prepared for her turn. Once all tried all three chances.

Defending Silver medalist Roilya Ranaivosoa from Mauritius keeping herself in contention.

Canadian weightlifter Hannah is giving a try at 91 kgs and succeeded. Now only, Clean & Jerk have reach to over 90 kgs lifting.

Now, Clean & Jerk reached 87 kgs. Chanu still not anywhere to seen. She will be the last lifter again, after all others weightlifters get all 3 attempts.

Mirabai Chanu had been medal opener in Olympics 2021 for India.

Still, field is having lifters doing lifts way below set mark of Chanu. It seems it will be single lift for her to close the event. India looks so near to winning first Gold medal in this multinational event.

Just a reminder, she is only the 2nd weightlifter from India to win the medal in Olympics. First one was won by Karnam Malleswari in 2000 Sydney Olympics. It was the only medal that India won in that Games. In those years India had ma scarcity of medal at Olympics.

Mirabai will be in content for Asiad medal next time. She was not in contention of medal in 2014; and missed 2018 due to back problem. But, winning Gold there also will be a difficult task for her, since Olympic Champion comes from Asia only (China).

Games are not only about the best players to come and perform, but it is to show solidarity too, with players from each region being tried to give the chance to participate. So, seeing weightlifter lifting a Snatch weight level in Clean & Jerk should be seen in good spirits.

Clean & Jerk commenced. And as like in Snatch category, she seems to be last one to enter the arena. Looks well set for her third Commonwealth medal, after Silver in 2014, & Gold in 2018 Games

She is not done with one Olympics medal, and looking in fine form. Seems like India has one medal prospect for Olympics already available.

Going, for 90kgs now. But she missed it. Anyways it is not going to make much difference, since she is having a huge lead of 12 kgs already.

She is still world record holder in Clean & Jerk, so won’t be pushing herself much in Snatch.

She is going for 88 kgs in 2nd lift. And she does it too. She crossed her Olympics mark of 87 kg with ease

Here comes MiraBai Chanu, giving 84 kg try. And she did it with ease

Still, weightlifters are way behind with maximum tried is 75kgs as of now. Mirabai will be playing safe and will not be trying extra hard to win here. She is also the defending champion, winning Gold in 2018 Gold Coast CWG. She had a gap of 20 kgs with the Silver medalist in last Games.

All waiting for Mirabai, whose first lift being 80 kgs, will be getting when any weightlifter will be able to will be giving higher lift. Mirabai had made a lift of 87kgs in Snatch and 115 in Clean and Jerk.

She is still the World Record holder in Clean & Jerk category with 119 kg.

It is going to be 3rd medal and should be a cakewalk for MIrabai Chanu.

Earlier in the day Sanket wins Silver for India, and Gurumurty gets Bronze in different Men’s categories.

Where to Watch Commonwealth Games

India’s matches will be telecast live on SONY SIX, SONY TEN 2, SONY TEN 4 & SONY TEN 3 (Hindi) channels.

Live streaming of India’s matches will also be available on the Sony LIV app or website


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